52 weeks of grateful

Last year I joined a group of lovely bloggers over at Kidspot Social on a "52 weeks of grateful" journey/bloggers challenge.

It certainly was a journey for me, and made me think each week (sometimes a little harder than normal) for the things I should be grateful for. "Being grateful" was something I had down on my new years resolutions for 2012, so I'm glad I had the opportunity to partook in the "52 weeks of grateful" challenge.

On this year's list of new year's resolutions is to spend less time on the computer, and more time playing with my girls, which means I won't be actively involved in the "52 weeks of grateful" journey.

However I will from time to time write a post keeping in mind with the grateful theme.

What are you grateful for?
Week 52: Grateful for the end of a horrible year (and for turning 40!)
Week 51: There is no grateful post for this week
Week 50: Grateful for no more suffering
Week 49: There is no grateful post for this week.
Week 48: Free printables and resources
Week 47: Christmas Traditions
Week 46: I am grateful even if my life isn't perfect
Week 45: Grateful for daycare
Week 44: Chance Encounters
Week 43: Grateful for all the things in my life that makes me happy
Week 42: Grateful for a holiday
Week 41: Grateful for big (and little) adventures
Week 40: Grateful for a cuppa
Week 39: Grateful for positive things
Week 38: Happy outcomes
Week 37: Grateful for firsts
Week 36: Best friends
Week 35: Grateful for warmer weather
Week 34: Grateful for Friday
Week 33: Grateful for "52 weeks of grateful"
Week 32: Grateful for Learning
Week 31: Grateful for Love
Week 30: Grateful for what I have
Week 29: Grateful for Craft
Week 28: Grateful for Laughter
Week 27: Friends
Week 26: A Night Out
Week 25: Becoming a Mummy
Week 24: Sunny days
Week 23: Grateful for support
Week 22: Grateful for bed
Week 21: Time
Week 20: Family get togethers
Week 19: Flowers
Week 18: Good health
Week 17: My readers
Week 16: My parents
Week 15: Technology
Week 14: Having a break
Week 13: Bon Jovi's music
Week 12: Baking
Week 11: Weekends
Week 10: Memories
Week 9: Chocolate
Week 8: Making time for yourself
Week 7: My camera
Week 6: Being able to see
Week 5: A smile
Week 4: My family
Week 3: Inspiration
Week 2: My hubby's job
Week 1: NICU's and its Doctors and Nursing staff