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PR/Advertising opportunities (last updated 27/2/17)

Hi! Welcome to Off to the park. If you are interested in working with me in promoting your brand or product, please email your details to, I would be interested in reviewing products that suit my readers, as well as my family.

Work with me

My two girls are growing up too fast! Cherub is now 5 years old and at school, and Popette is my very tall 8 year old. Unfortunately our baby days are well and truly over (insert sad face), and all those days of teething and nappies are a thing of the past, which has brought me to the decision to stop reviewing baby products on the blog. However as a family we love to do things together!

About my family

Now that the girls are older, we love to do things like go camping, travelling, baking or cooking together, making art and craft, having water fights, cooling off at the beach or pool, watching a movie or playing at the park.

If you have a product, brand or venue that fits into either of these categories, I'd love to hear from you!

I am happy to promote a product or brand as part of a review (in exchange for products or services for us to keep or experience), or a sponsored post (in exchange for a giveaway to my readers or product/service for us to keep).

Please understand Off to the park is my personal blog. I am not a professional blogger. Blogging is a hobby that I enjoy, not a full time job nor do I make money from blogging.

Please read my conditions below regarding advertising on Off to the park:
  • I will always provide my readers with an honest opinion on all sponsored posts and reviewed products/brands that is published on my blog. Just to be clear if I am not happy with a product/brand, I will inform my readers about it.
  • I have the right to refuse a product for a sponsored post or product review if I think it is unsuitable to my readers, not relevant to the topics I write about here or is inappropriate to my readers.
  • I will only review products that I personally believe in and support, which relates to the topics I write about on Off to the park and know my readers and myself will be certain to love.
  • When Off to the park publishes a sponsored post and/or product review, a disclaimer will be added stating that the post was a sponsored post and or product review.  
  • I have the authority to remove a product review from my blog at any time, or terminate the review if I find it unsuitable to my readers and blog.

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