11 April 2017

Happy Easter and You are Enough print

It's the 2nd day of school holidays here in Sydney. It's so nice not having to worry about school lunches and rushing around to get the girls ready for school. Unfortunately Popette and I have been struggling with an annoying sinus infection due to the weird weather we've been having, so yesterday we had a quiet day at home and got our craft on making peg fairies (New craft post to come).

Today we are going to make the most of the sunshine and have a day at the park and riding scooters.

I'm going to take a little break, and will be back in a couple weeks time. To all of you who are on school holidays, I hope you have a great break and eggcellent Easter.

Here's a little floral watercolour reminder I created for you Mumma's who are struggling with the kiddo's being home during the holidays. It might not only be the holidays when you are feeling like crap, or don't feel worthy or enough. Lately I know I've had moments when I have felt like my contribution towards the household and family was not enough. That all the things I do for my children, was not enough.

But you know what? I think as Mumma's we do an amazing job, and put too much pressure on ourselves to have everything sorted, to have perfect kids, an immaculate house, and great job with work/life balance.

As Mums, we need to remember that it's okay to have dishes in the sink, if that means you are spending quality time with your kids.

And it's okay to put off the washing if you are feeling rundown, and need to take a rest and time out for yourself.

It's okay to make time for yourself to paint, draw, read, listen to music or daydream, because having that time to yourself will make you a happier Mumma, and in return will make the kids (and husband) happier!

Now go out in the garden and smell the beautiful flowers, and remember you are enough. xx

28 March 2017

Appreciating the little things

Life seems to be flying by so quickly. I find myself saying to people "Let's plan to catch up in March" and before you know it, March is nearly over and done with, and we'll be postponing the catch up to April. I was planning (more like hoping) to be returning to the workforce at the end of February once Cherub settled in at big school, but it still hasn't happened.

We have another week and a half left of school then we'll be having Easter school holidays. It's crazy how fast it goes when you have two children at school. Poor Cherub has been dying to have a playdate with some of her new little classmates, but it's been so wet these past few weeks we haven't had a chance to meet up at the park. Hopefully we'll have a sunny afternoon this week and can have a play before the holidays roll around.

With all the stresses of housework, organising the girls for school, and searching for a job. There are times when I nearly forgot to appreciate the little things or be grateful for what I have.

So this week I thought I'd write a bit about what we've been up to, and what I am feeling grateful for and appreciating:

  • We've just finished a 4 week program of AFL AusKick after school. I say "we" as the parents were involved in learning to be a Level 0 Coach, so we could teach the kids how to kick and throw the ball. The parents also got to play against the kids. My big girl thought it was fun, although Cherub didn't want Mummy joining in as it was her activity! I was not the greatest at the step-drop-kick, but I had a go and it was fun seeing how much enjoyment the kids got out of playing against their Mummies and Daddies.
Popette getting into the action

  • The girls love kicking their footies around the backyard with me and their Dad.

  • Seeing how happy my kids are when I help out in their classroom. And seeing how happy they are to go to school. I've been very lucky that both my girls were excited when starting school, and didn't shed any tears or have any trouble leaving my side when it was time to line up with their class.

  • Watching Cherub 'teach' her dolls and teddies her sight words and letters. She is really loving school, and blows us away with how much stuff she is picking up from the Years 1's in her class (she's in a K/1 composite), and how quickly she is learning new things. Like the other day she was tracing the words "Finding Dory", and she pointed to Dory and said that had to start with a capital letter. I said "Oh, it's that because it's a name", and she said "No, because it's a Pronoun". {Insert my puzzled looking face!}

  • Hearing from both the girl's teachers how well they are doing in class. Popette came home from school on Friday with a Core Value Merit award for Being Respectful. So it made me very proud!

  • The school is finally incorporating techniques on how to deal with bossy kids in the class. It's good for kids like Popette who struggle with their emotions and understanding other people's behaviours when there's been an incident in the playground.  I am grateful that she's opening up a little more to us, and able to tell us what's been going on at school.

  • At times Parenting can be exhausting! Once we've got the girls in bed (or returned Popette to bed for the 6th time!) Hubby and I like to relax on the lounge and watch our favourite TV show. We love "The West Wing", it's been our go-to show when nothing else has interested us. We are the 3rd time through the complete series, and still laugh, and cry at the same scenes.

  • Having my hubby closer to home. Even though he's travelled for work quite a bit over the past couple months, it's nice that he's not so far away and gets home a little earlier in the afternoons so we can spend some time together before starting the mad rush on dinner, baths and bed.

Some watermelons I painted while chatting to my friend

  • Being creative - having a little time to myself to paint has been making me happy. Last week I had an hour of art with a friend, and did some painting with the girls which they also enjoyed.

Painting with the girls

What are you feeling grateful for?