06 December 2016

Our family roadtrip - part 1


After spending a month away we have finally returned home! At the end of our journey we had driven 6553kms in and around 3 states (NSW, VIC & SA). Not only had it been the longest trip in the car, but also the longest break we have had together as a family.

We have seen some pretty spectacular parts of Australia, and made plenty of lovely memories which I'm sure we will treasure for a long time.

During the time my husband and I have been together, we have travelled to some beautiful places both in Australia and overseas so to experience a trip like this with our two girls, in our own country, has been amazing.

If you had been following me on my Instagram account you would have seen some pics of random places we had visited.

There's so much to see in our country, and so many wonderful places to visit. I thought I would share some of our adventure with you, including some of our favourite places to stay and visit.


Narrandera, NSW (pron. nar-ran-dra, not nerrin-derr-a like Popette kept saying) was our first overnight stop. It's a beautiful country town with colonial style buildings, and home to Australia's largest playable guitar. It was also home to a flying training school run by the RAAF in WWII, which provided introductory flight instruction to new pilots.

A Tiger Moth commemorating the No. 8 Flying school from WWII.

Here we had our very first night camping in our new tent. I know you are wondering if it took us 3 minutes to get the tent up...well after a couple weeks of getting used to it, we were getting close to it!

It was the girls first proper night of camping, so they were very excited to be in their sleeping bags and have their own room in the tent. It took a long time for them to calm down and stop talking!

While Hubby and I sat back and looked up at the millions of stars that night, Popette came out for extra cuddles and saw her first falling star!

Our campsite at Narrandera


Driving towards Hay the area became noticeably more arid and flat...I mean really flat, the vista went on for miles, and miles. Around Hay we saw damage from the recent floods, plus a lot of farmers harvesting their fields. There was huge round bales of hay everywhere we looked.

Amazingly there wasn't much roadkill on this section of the Sturt, however we did see an abundance of birds, mainly kites, wedge-tail eagles, cockatoos, galahs and ravens. We also saw a mob of Emus, which was exciting seeing them in the wild.

Emus out Hubby's window

After a mandatory ice cream stop at Balranald, we got back on the Sturt Highway and was about 5kms out of town when Hubby almost ran over a goanna. He was at least 1.5 meters long, Cherub's account - it took up half the road!


Mildura, Victoria

We decided to spend a few nights in Mildura and let the girls have a rest from being in the car.

We had read about the paddle steamers, so we were excited to go down to the pier and see if we could spot one, the girls loved riding their scooters along the boardwalk.

We also visited Orange World where we learnt a lot from Mario our guide. It was sad to hear that he only makes 20 cents per kilo for his juicy oranges, so he's now planting more mandarins as he gets $1 a kilo.

Hubby and I enjoyed cruising along the Murray River, and visiting an old goal (over the NSW border) at Wentworth. So much to see in this gorgeous town.

P.S Melbourne - one of the oldest steam driven paddle steamers still operating in Australia.
L to R: Old Wentworth Goal, Tractor tour of Orange world, Big Lizzie and brekky at our camp site.
Aboard the cruise

The lovely sights and surrounds of Mildura

After an enjoyable, but chilly, stay in Mildura it was time for us to hit the road and get to Adelaide!

See next week's post for part 2 of our road trip.

18 October 2016

We are going on an adventure

Next month Hubby and I will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary! Twenty years!! It really doesn't feel like we've been married that long, I guess that's a good thing. Hubby and I have been contemplating for a while about what we'd like to do to celebrate our anniversary.

We thought of going overseas and taking the kids to somewhere like Disneyland or Fiji. We had celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in Paris, and thought of taking the girls there (we could visit Disneyland Paris too!), but the prices of travelling overseas, accommodation, passports etc, becomes quite expensive on a single salary. We are also concerned of the terrorist acts that have been happening around the world, so we decided it might be nice to explore our own country.

In a couple weeks time we are heading on a road trip! We've decided to go on a camping holiday around South Australia and the outskirts of Victoria.

Hubby and I used to camp quite a bit before we had the girls, and loved it. The girls have had a small introduction to camping last Christmas holidays, which involved sleeping in our old tent in my brother's backyard. My brother lives on the mid Central Coast so I guess it's a little bit like having a holiday, but it was good to give the girls an idea of what it's like. They loved it!

Cherub sound asleep in her sleeping bag

As someone who has softened over the years, I'm become used to my cozy bed, so not sure how I'll go in my sleeping bag for all that time. But we've booked a B&B for our anniversary, so at least I get a cozy bed for a couple nights.

We are all getting very excited about our trip. I have been stressing about things to take, and the flooding and blackouts that have been happening throughout the South Australian and Victoria towns. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the weather sorts itself out soon, and the flood waters will eventually dry up.

We have bought ourselves a new 10 person instant tent (nice and roomy, and gives us and the girls our own rooms), which says it should only take us 3 minutes to get the tent up, and another 10 minutes or so, then to get the fly on and have it all pegged in. Hubby and I have done a couple of practice runs, and its taken us 15-20 minutes which was great, considering our old dome tent took about an hour to get up. If you happen to see a couple struggling to put up their 3 minute tent, its probably us...I'd be grateful if you came & helped us :)

See it says 3 minutes!!

Our new tent....looking big!
Hubby and I have been planning our itinerary, and booked a couple places we don't want to miss, like the ferry to Kangaroo Island which we are planning to visit for a few days.

What I am most looking forward to is the four of us spending (nearly) 4 whole weeks together!

As well as exploring and discovering new places together, enjoying each others company and not having to worry about school or work schedules, relaxing under the stars, playing many board & card games while having a much needed break from screen time (no TV in a tent!) and making some wonderful memories as a family.

I'll probably update Instagram with pics of places we've been to, but won't get a chance to write anything until I get back. So this will be my last post for a while.

Have you been on a family adventure? Do you like camping?